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Tic – by Flavio Masi

There are literally millions of websites but this is mine.

Presence 2 – by Flavio Masi

And while it’s certainly not among the most memorable,

all the content on this site is done by me

including the website itself.

To the heart, Ramón – by Flavio Masi

You can see some of my creations starting from here:

Giulia Saudita – by Flavio Masi

Here is some information about myself:

Self-portrait - by Flavio Masi

I hope you will find something that pleases you.

Resistance - by Flavio Masi
Persuasion | illustration by Flavio Masi
Press – Flavio Masi
Out of focus 3 – by Flavio Masi
At the mercy - by Flavio Masi
Urban plan – by Flavio Masi
Star of David – by Flavio Masi
Emptying 3 - digital painting by Flavio Masi
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Recent entries

Tensione c fhd – di Flavio MasiTensione c fhd – di Flavio Masi


The video I propose is my first production based on Blender and especially on Geometry Nodes which I particularly appreciated.

Frastuono – di Flavio MasiFrastuono – di Flavio Masi


I wonder what deaf people might think of this composition. Maybe, in a cowardly sense, it’s better not to know.

Caratteri copertina fhd – di Flavio MasiCaratteri copertina fhd – di Flavio Masi


Short video where in an abstract white space, typographical characters of different alphabets are filmed in a three-dimensional version.

Rifrazioni – di Flavio MasiRifrazioni – di Flavio Masi


Very complicated digital painting made with a graphic tablet and with the excellent Krita open source program.

Sulle onde – di Flavio MasiSulle onde – di Flavio Masi

On the waves

Image inspired by a piece by the musician Franco Battiato.

Senza Dafne – di Flavio MasiSenza Dafne – di Flavio Masi

Without Daphne

The “original” is a drawing in shades of gray made with a graphic tablet and Krita.Here, I propose an anachronistic version declined in sanguine.

Trama di esistenze – di Flavio MasiTrama di esistenze – di Flavio Masi

Texture of existences

Reviewing this image after some time, it seems to me a tangle of zombies rather than a texture of existences.

Superficie 33 – di Flavio MasiSuperficie 33 – di Flavio Masi


The gallery that I propose contains a series of homogeneous images: the points of view and the effects of light and shade still follow the same criteria.