Flavio Masi is a master illustrator and videomaker in Mestre. Venice, although close by is another world.

A self-taught artist, he attended artistic studies and graduated at the art institutes of Faenza and Venice.

In his works he started to use traditional techniques based on watercolor on paper (watercolors, ecolines, china etc.), and then experimented with digital techniques, ranging from raster to 3d, to vector design, compositing and video editing.

About this website

This site based on wordpress has now reached its third version.

For the first time, instead of modifying an existing theme, I have developed a brand new one.

It is a theme based on blocks. To achive this result, I have therefore adopted the style provided by the so-called “full site editing”. This new funcion will be officially part of WordPress 5.9 (in the meanwhile, I am still writing in beta4 version).

The font used is Urbanist. I also used two nice javascript plugins: Particles and Pennellum. They are applied to both the Home Page and the Articles.

It is evident that I am not a graphic designer but, from time to time, I enjoy updating the theme of my website.

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Self-portrait — by Flavio Masi