Given another life, I would like to be a composer.

In another life, I would be wise enough to take advantage of the lessons acquired (directly and indirectly) from those who know more.

In another life, counterpoint, flight, harmony, orchestration and whatever would not be secrets to me.

Without shame

In this life, I have – the questionable – advantage of being, for certain aspects, without shame. I open the audio/MIDI sequencer driven by an absolute certainty: disaster awaits me.

The lack of expectations is reassuring and makes the process based on numerous trials always incorrect, oddly pleasing.

I confess that sporadically, I have the feeling of achieving an appropriate result but I know that if I play it back just a few hours all these inadequate feelings will vanish.

Lunga marcia (Long March)

Vertigini (Vertigo)

Inverno (Winter)

Vivaldi and its beautiful “Winter” , you know, has nothing to do with it.


It seems that Fentanyl with respect to other painkillers of the same type, takes effect very rapidly but, on the other hand, it is less persistent – except when the dosage is exceeded, in such case the effects tend to be fatal 🙂

Intermittente (Intermittent)

To reverberate or not to reverberate…

L’ineluttabile (The inevitable)

A musical sketch. If nothing else, it’s short.

Riprese (Recoveries)

This piece of music was composed to act as the soundtrack of a video, however the video turned out to be rather boring, instead the music… never mind.

Disturbo bipolare (Bipolar disorder)

I do not know how many times, throughout the decades, I was afflicted by such thing. I can never finish…

Monodia (Monody)

One sees it as a sentient robot with a passion for music but built for something else, such could be the product of an immediate improvisation.

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