Animation Demo Reel

The hypothesis that there may be some fortuity in an animation like this, may seem impossible (especially to those who have an idea of what is necessary to accomplish something like that, whether successfully or not) but it is what happened.

The sort of colorful digital mannequin had been created to serve as reference - as a somewhat rough pattern - to a designer. But she had to learn how to deal with a complicated 3d program.

Anyone, except myself, would think hardly possible to do a thing like this. As a matter of fact, I prepared a kind of tutorial video (with voice comment!) to show her how the device worked, and while I was doing that a series of lucubrations set into motion and led to the creation of this video.

The animation is based on keyframes, a very challenging process; anyway I am quite happy with the result.

See also:

In the dark - frame 200 | by Flavio Masi

In the dark

A very short sequence of 2D animation. Awfully tiresome procedure and probably not practical in a productive context.


A video similar to the one that I here propose could be suitable for children with the aim to explain in a playful manner how a musical track works.

Circles and other symbols

Ankh, triple tomoe, ying e yiang and other symbols more or less sacred are here represented but in a way not exactly orthodox.

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