Anopheles | digital painting di Flavio Masi


The reading of the eccentric book written by Amitav Ghosh, “The Calcutta Chromosome”, caused unexpected effects by the author.

One of the book’s characters is the world’s largest expert of Ronald Ross, an english bacteriologist Nobel Prize-winning in 1902 for his research made in Calcutta on malaria.
Thanks to this research, we know that mosquitoes belonging to genus anopheles are responsible to spread diseases in humans.

Between the mosquitoes with bloated and red blood abdomen, malaria and – above all – associations with B-movies ideas, this image emerges; made with a graphic tablet and Krita.

P.S. After explaining ours “refined” creative processes, we feel much better…

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Fuori fuoco – di Flavio Masi

Out of focus

In the making of these images, contrary to what one may think, my main interest concerns the subjects’ parts that are out of focus.

Emptying 3 - digital painting by Flavio Masi


Image of a body that loses consistency until it empties itself.

Nevar Enough - rendering by Flavio Masi

Nevar Enough

If their own security monopolizes every thought, if deep concern is devouring, it remains only the pathetic barbed wire that has wraped us.

Attention – by Flavio Masi


In a story by Oliver Sacks, a young woman finds herself deprived of proprioception; the image created by me is taken from that story.

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