Attention – by Flavio Masi


I am one of the many Oliver Sacks’ readers, neurologist and psychiatrist, apart from being a writer.

Reading the stories based on his clinical experiences – regarding patients that have suffered some neurological deficit – one has the feeling, almost certainly illusionary, of understanding something concerning the “functioning” of human beings.

In “The Disembodied Lady” following an acute polyneuritis, a young woman finds herself deprived of her own body perception, the so-called “proprioception”. The consequences of this loss are tremendous: difficulty in breathing, loss of “vocal posture” and facial expressiveness, not capable of holding objects and so on.

With the passing of time, the disembodied lady will be able to compensate, at least partially, the loss of proprioception. One of the compensations will consist in the continuous, visual supervision of her own body and, as a result, of thinking about this necessity, I elaborated the image in this page.

This website contains another reference to Oliver Sacks.

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