Almost obligatorily, a textual content must be inserted in a web page and, as it usually happens to me, I do not know what to write.

The video which is the raison d'être of this article would even have to do with the writing. A strange, atomized writing with letters from different alphabets; maybe a code, who knows...

Actually, when I decided to make this video, I was thinking about something else.

See also:

Circles and other symbols

Ankh, triple tomoe, ying e yiang and other symbols more or less sacred are here represented but in a way not exactly orthodox.

Demo cover – di Flavio Masi

Animation Demo Reel

In this short animation, one imagines that a sort of digital mannequin comes to life and tries to escape the control of its creator.


A video similar to the one that I here propose could be suitable for children with the aim to explain in a playful manner how a musical track works.

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