Coring 5 – di Flavio Masi
Coring 1 – di Flavio Masi
Coring 4 – di Flavio Masi
Coring 2 – di Flavio Masi
Coring 3 – di Flavio Masi


I feel somewhat upset for the cheap dystopias that infest the media.
These images, however, may fall in a post-apocalyptic category: frozen remains of Anthropocene.

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Fuori fuoco – di Flavio Masi

Out of focus

In the making of these images, contrary to what one may think, my main interest concerns the subjects’ parts that are out of focus.

Rovescio | illustrazione di Flavio Masi


Illustration on what would be good if it remain submerged.

Global Warming | di Flavio Masi

Global Warming

Illustration obtained using graphic tablet and Krita, together with a short report of personal opinions and scientific findings.

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