Depressione | illustrazione di Flavio Masi


I have never had the “pleasure” of suffering from clinical depression, I suppose that what I am able to imagine is a nothing compared to reality.

I read – – that until the late 50’s opioids were used to treat major depression. I suppose that the ostracism generated against these substances put an end to their use, despite their effectiveness.

To make this image I used Krita with a graphic tablet.

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Nevar Enough - rendering by Flavio Masi

Nevar Enough

If their own security monopolizes every thought, if deep concern is devouring, it remains only the pathetic barbed wire that has wraped us.

Joy - digital painting by Flavio Masi


If the composure is not allowed, if a grinning humor is required, there is room only for the grotesque. In the same way as the image here proposed.

Psicosi - rendering di Flavio Masi


Small neuronal rendering accompanied by a short essay taken from “An anthropologist on Mars” by Oliver Sacks.

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