Frammentazione - illustrazione di Flavio Masi


A memory, filed who knows when, resurfaces: «radunare il corpo frammentato» – which in English sounds like «gather the fragmented body».

As a young man I was listening to the Area Band; «gather the fragmented body» is a text fragment of a piece of their last album. I haven’t been listening to that song for a long time, I really never liked it, however Areas Bend concerned me – and I still am – for their musical content more than the textual ones.

Anyway, I tried to «gather the fragmented body» or (I’m feared this is more congenial to me) to fragment a gathered body…

“1978 gli dei se ne vanno, gli arrabbiati restano” is the Area Band last album, before Demetrio Stratos death.
Even if it’s not my favorite, there are interesting pieces like “Return from Workuta” or the roaring “Il bandito del deserto”.

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Dissociazione | di Flavio Masi


In this illustration – in a mirror that explodes – there is the reflection of a state of mental separation.

At the mercy - by Flavio Masi

At the mercy

In this grim image, the human element – pierced endlessly and subjected to who knows what other offenses – is almost canceled.

Narciso - di Flavio Masi


When Narcissus vanishes, his reflections remain between the mirrors, as fragmented echoes repeated endlessly in a deep way.

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