God's armies - illustration by Flavio Masi

God’s armies

This ugly image, made with Krita and a graphic tablet, was inspired by the bombings in Paris, November 2015.

The fact that an attack in Paris makes a great impression in the West and for a few days we become all French is no surprise. However Westerners are not as affected by the many attacks in countries such as Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, etc.In fact the expression “we are all Iraqis” would be in bad taste as well as hypocritical.

In any case, the attacks in Paris, instead of making me think of how terrible the terrorists are and what they want – useless what I think, whole Western legions know everything about the terrorists’ objectives – it makes me think about what we are, about our alliances with terrorist founders and trainers and to the weapons we sell them.
This calms me down, obviously our strategists know that terrorism is a minor problem, they know that if necessary we shall react because obliged or as convenient. Besides, God is with us.

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