Gregor - di Flavio Masi


This picture was freely inspired by a famous literary character. Gregor Samsa, however, as it is well known, suffered another fate.

The design was built on the basis of a spartan 3d scene filled, in the shaded areas, by an exaggerated amount of blatte low poly. The rest was made with Krita and graphic tablet.
High resolution details follow…


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Narciso - di Flavio Masi


When Narcissus vanishes, his reflections remain between the mirrors, as fragmented echoes repeated endlessly in a deep way.

Gamberetti - digital painting di Flavio Masi


Double image in shades of gray: the overall effect is achieved by overlapping incongruent elements – two shrimps.

Chiaro di luna - illustrazione di Flavio Masi


Illustration of an unusual close encounter with a common, tiny being.

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