Dentro | di Flavio Masi


Image based on 3d render. For modeling I used 3ds Max and Zbrush.
I had to make more renderings (Mental Ray) that were different one from each other just for refractive indexes: with a single rendering and IOR, because with a 1.5 I wouldn’t have seen what I was interested in.
I assembled the rendering through Photoshop and performed the painting as needed.

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Crash Test | di Flavio Masi

Crash Test

Image built by composing some renderings, the editing intervention, however, played a role in the final outcome.

Sete - rendering di Flavio Masi


Three unlikely glasses are shown in this rendering.

Zen - rendering di Flavio Masi


In this rendering, we examine a typical visual representation of Zen, deteriorating it irremediably.

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