Introflessione | illustrazione di Flavio Masi


The somewhat desperate image of an inner excavation undermined by the fear that there may be nothing to find: no unconscious, no answer.

Made with a graphic tablet and Krita.

See also:

Casa dolce casa | di Flavio Masi

Home sweet home

Illustration of a domestic environment: when – as the italian magistrate Piercamillo Davigo says – it is more dangerous to stay at home than to be outdoors.

Divisione - di Flavio Masi


This image – based on a minimal composition – is marked by an unbridgeable division.

Cervello in fuga - rendering di Flavio Masi

Brain Drain

A rendering showing another type of brain drain: critical thinking and analytical skills flee; the sheep that is in us remains.

Affioramenti – di Flavio Masi


The recommended image is open to simple psychoanalytic interpretation evoking the Freudian mind model between the hidden unconscious and the emerged conscious.

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