Meta-Vegano | rendering di Flavio Masi


I’m not convinced by Veganism. To me it is the result of an old fashioned vision of the world that puts humans at the top, then the other animals, and at the very bottom the plants as living creatures which can be disposed of at will. But reality is quite different, as the most advanced studies begin to show.

Probably -and I believe it- plants are real living organisms and vegans should take this into consideration; but the current scenario gives no choices – something must be eaten, whether it is of vegetable or animal origin.

In the future, however, gene editing could make giant steps and create a meta-vegan, a genetically modified vegan capable of sustaining itself through photosynthesis. In my work I imagine a fairly conventional green meta-vegan, but nothing prevents of thinking them blue or other colours, after all cyanobacteria have existed for 2.4 billion years …

P.S this article must not be taken seriously. I wish to make it clear, you never know.

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