Motion blur 14 – by Flavio Masi

Motion Blur

Sometimes the motion blur is deliberate; it seems that Anton Giulio Bragaglia in 1911 was the first to consider this idea in a creative manner.

Any source of visible alteration grabs my attention and the small series of images that I here propose is more or less associated in an explicit way with the previously mentioned motion blur.

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Agitazione - di Flavio Masi


Three sequential close-ups digitally realized by Flavio Masi.

Fuori fuoco – di Flavio Masi

Out of focus

In the making of these images, contrary to what one may think, my main interest concerns the subjects’ parts that are out of focus.

Emptying 3 - digital painting by Flavio Masi


Image of a body that loses consistency until it empties itself.

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