Nevar Enough - rendering by Flavio Masi

Nevar Enough

This rendering alludes to a contemporary obsession. No matter how many armored doors and windows we have, no matter how many video surveillance cameras are operating, it will never be enough.

Probably it is not a particularly good work, but I keep it as a model for a future sculpture, 200 meters of barbed wire should be enough …

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Divisione - di Flavio Masi


This image – based on a minimal composition – is marked by an unbridgeable division.

KINESIO TAPE – by Flavio Masi

Kinesio tape

Rendering which presents one of the most colorful, imaginative and unlikely therapies called “Kinesio taping” or in another way.

Attesa | illustrazione di Flavio Masi


Illustration created with a graphic tablet and Krita.

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