Fuori fuoco – di Flavio Masi

Out of focus

In the making of these images, contrary to what one may think, my main interest concerns the subjects’ parts that are out of focus.

Images created with the aid of Krita.

Out of focus 3 – by Flavio Masi
Out of focus 2 – by Flavio Masi

See also:

Introflessione | illustrazione di Flavio Masi


The somewhat desperate image of an inner excavation undermined by the fear that there may be nothing to find: no unconscious, no answer.

Velo 5 | di Flavio Masi


A series of images containing drapes and transparencies.

Motion blur 14 – by Flavio Masi

Motion Blur

The small series of images that I here propose is more or less associated in an explicit way with the previously mentioned motion blur.

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