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There are hypotheses which are easy to believe: many like the Freudian idea of an unconscious which occupies a major portion of our mind, with the conscious reduced to the superficial tip of an iceberg.

Many like to think that our inner being is pervaded by abyssal depth. More in general, we prefer the explanations regarding what we are even when they are false; and probably, all explanations are more or less false.

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Cervello in fuga - rendering di Flavio Masi

Brain Drain

A rendering showing another type of brain drain: critical thinking and analytical skills flee; the sheep that is in us remains.

Introflessione | illustrazione di Flavio Masi


The somewhat desperate image of an inner excavation undermined by the fear that there may be nothing to find: no unconscious, no answer.

Press – Flavio Masi


A suggestion was enough to induce me to make this image.

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