Arto fantasma – di Flavio Masi

Phantom limb

Phantom limb syndrome is defined as the persistent perception of a limb after its amputation. It seems to be a common phenomenon, even useful, in order for patients to get used to prostheses.

I hope that the representations I propose are suggestive.

Arti fantasma – di Flavio Masi
Arti fantasma

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Introflessione | illustrazione di Flavio Masi


The somewhat desperate image of an inner excavation undermined by the fear that there may be nothing to find: no unconscious, no answer.

Depressione | illustrazione di Flavio Masi


Illustration of a state of overwhelming exhaustion. Done with a tablet and Krita.

Attention – by Flavio Masi


In a story by Oliver Sacks, a young woman finds herself deprived of proprioception; the image created by me is taken from that story.

KINESIO TAPE – by Flavio Masi

Kinesio tape

Rendering which presents one of the most colorful, imaginative and unlikely therapies called “Kinesio taping” or in another way.

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