Presence 2 – by Flavio Masi


Pseudo-architectural perspectives disturbed by a presence.

Presence 4 – by Flavio Masi
Presence 5 by di Flavio Masi
Presence 3 – by Flavio Masi
Presence 1 – by Flavio Masi

See also:

Depressione | illustrazione di Flavio Masi


Illustration of a state of overwhelming exhaustion. Done with a tablet and Krita.

Giulia Saudita – by Flavio Masi

Saudi Giulia

Sometime ago the reform that allowed Saudi women to drive a car was seen as a scandal. This rendering refers to that period.

Wall | by Flavio Masi


A grim illustration referring to a grim reality made of both physical and psychic barriers and walls.

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