Rifrazioni – di Flavio Masi


Sometimes we realize too late that it is no longer possible to stop.
You give yourself a task, grossly underestimating the time needed to complete it and when the error of evaluation becomes evident it is, exactly, too late: you have already invested too much in a job that, among other things, seems to be not too bad. You keep on to the bitter end, therefore, with no further calculations.
I do not know how long it took me to finish the image, I propose on this page. Weeks. Probably too much.

Rifrazioni · dettaglio 1 – di Flavio Masi
Refractions – detail
Rifrazioni · dettaglio 2 – di Flavio Masi
Refractions – other detail

Other refractions:

Rifrazioni 2 – di Flavio Masi
Refractions 2

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Anthropomorphic and glassy rendering.

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