Giulia Saudita – by Flavio Masi

Saudi Giulia

In Italy mass media tend to give a lot of attention to the amazing reforms carried out by the Saudi monarchy. Even the most ridiculous “forms of freedom”, in a country where they easily behead, in Italy this causes a cautious and benevolent interest.

Sometime ago the reform that allowed women to drive even without being accompanied by a man was seen as a scandal. It seemed, and in fact, it still seems that our main sources of information were trying to convince us: “Do you see that they are becoming contemporary? Now we can sell them another billion dollars in arms”

Goes back to that period the rendering that I propose in this page.

Today (23/12/2019) I used instead the most popular search engine typing, the following keywords: “regime iraniano” and “regime saudita”. I believe that the reason for such comparison is obvious.

Google returned the following results:

“regime iraniano”“regime saudita”
67.20017.400Risultati complessivi

As we can see, in addition to the overall results, I present also other results – always via Google – of some relevant Italian Internet sites.
I do not pretend that such data has any statistical value; however, as someone said, words are important and I cannot exclude that the previous results mean something.

Using English keywords, “iranian regime” and “saudi regime”, I obtained about 1,480,000 and 545,000 results, respectively.

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