Palinsesto – di Flavio Masi


Defining Time is something for lexicographers, physicists or philosophers.

Looking in the mirror – day after day, year after year – you can see Time in someway.
The lucky ones will see a gradual and, all in all,benevolent change: the freshness of youth will be replaced by a detached and even noble awareness.

The less fortunate will be visibly marked by the struggle for survival.

This digital schedule based on a layering of levels was created with a graphic tablet and Krita.

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Mostrificazione – di Flavio Masi


Brief re-enactment of the anarchist Pietro Valpreda, unjustly accused of being the author regarding the Piazza Fontana massacre.

Crash Test | di Flavio Masi

Crash Test

Image built by composing some renderings, the editing intervention, however, played a role in the final outcome.

Tic – by Flavio Masi


In the image here presented, I tried to represent this fleeting moment of composure in the midst of a violent Touretter tic.

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