While working on the musical track of the respective video, I had the unfortunate idea of creating a funny visualization (3D and animated) of the information which is encoded based on the MIDI protocol that any sequencer represents more or less in this way:

Screen of a midi sequencer

A video similar to the one that I here propose but based on a worthy music could be suitable for children with the aim to explain in a playful manner how a musical track works.

See also:

Demo cover – di Flavio Masi

Animation Demo Reel

In this short animation, one imagines that a sort of digital mannequin comes to life and tries to escape the control of its creator.

In the dark - frame 200 | by Flavio Masi

In the dark

A very short sequence of 2D animation. Awfully tiresome procedure and probably not practical in a productive context.

Circles and other symbols

Ankh, triple tomoe, ying e yiang and other symbols more or less sacred are here represented but in a way not exactly orthodox.

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