This is my first production based on Blender.

I have been thinking for years to work on it. I was feeling somewhat guilty for not using an open source program of such high quality. A few weeks ago, I found the courage and started to play with it. For those who do not know, 3D programs that include modeling, animation, rendering, compositing are quite challenging.
Compared to other programs, these are not more difficult to use. In some way, it is just a matter of quantity as everything is multiplied: layered interfaces with dozens of menus and hundreds of keyboard shortcuts to learn and remember.

Being somewhat familiar with 3D programs, so far, I did not have any major problem. I had little doubts that Blender would please me and none regarding its quality.

Although I am a beginner, I did appreciate the management of the nodes within the material editor and the "Geometry Nodes". In fact, the video that I propose (very simple indeed) is based on procedural materials and the animations to a great extent are also generated via nodes.
Apart from the nodes, I enjoyed the multi-camera management mode based on "Markers", the Asset Browser, Cycles and Eevee.

I enjoyed inserting the sound effects (hastily redone by manipulating some virtual synthesizers) directly into the 3D scene. Even so, considering my mistakes and omissions, Blender's "Mixdown" does not seem to support more than one camera, hence the above multi-camera management should have this flaw. Anyhow, it is easy to accomplish the same result.

Overall, I liked many things. Congratulations and thanks to the developers and all those who collaborate to support this beautiful project. Thank you to the individuals that dedicate some of their time in the production of useful tutorials for newbies like myself.

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