Piano regolatore – di Flavio Masi

Urban Plan

“No electronic device can stimulate the imagination as reading.” it seems that Susin Nielsen said this.
Reading with the aid of an electronic device should work better than a hallucinogen, so…

In fact, I am an ebook reader who, nevertheless, imagines very little. I do not bother myself trying to imagine the physical appearance of the characters, consider someone that is short and stocky and a woman that is nice with big breasts (a detail that many writers like to underline). Regarding the description of the surroundings, I often fly over it, which gives me the impression of how little I contribute to the storytelling.
It can happen that a locution, or the particular usage of a word, triggers an imaginative process, usually disconnected, but belonging to a narrative context.

It happens to me very often that an image evokes another imagine although completely different. In this case, the relationship between this playbill and the image here should be evident.

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