Wall | by Flavio Masi


I hear saying that walls are expensive to build and since they cannot be modified without incurring in further costs, they will have limited effectiveness in the future: it will not take long for those who want to go beyond the walls to find a successful way to climb them or break them through.
Napoleon is quoted as saying that whoever locks up is destined to lose the war.
I think this argument is weak and doesn’t take into account the huge disparity between those who are inside and have the means to go in and out at will and those who are outside.
Walls are like dams that protect us from the uprising human tide. Every now and then something overflows and makes us think of what happens outside. It is unpleasant but unavoidable.
If we are lucky, and if we are able to improve our luck, there will be a radical decrease in the number of people on the other side of the walls and only those more similar to us, enough rich, enough white, will remain…

My reactionary alter ego

A grim illustration referring to a grim reality made of both physical and psychic barriers and walls.

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